Japanese Luxury Living Indeed!

Property Of Immaculate Japanese Estate in Kyoto


This splendid piece of property is located in the western part of Kyoto, and spans across over 2900 square meters. The actual residence is comprised of three separate buildings, all with stunning views of the garden and tucked away in an immaculate setting of seasonal scenery including autumn foliage and spring sakura (cherry blossoms). The main house is laid out so that the living room and guest rooms have floor to ceiling windows surrounding the idyllic garden. The rooms have traditional tatami mat flooring on the first floor, and Western style bedrooms on the second floor. There are also guest houses that comprise of Japanese and Western style bedrooms, full kitchen, bathroom, and dining room so that guests can enjoy privacy. Another separate buiilding is a storage and parking garage.

Source: http://www.sothebysrealty.com/eng/sales/detail/180-l-934-vzenbv/immaculate-japanese-estate-in-kyoto-kyoto-ky-616-8392

Wow, this is an amazing look at luxury home ownership in Japan. Can you imagine living in this palace? OMG, it is fantastic! Maybe it’s my movie watching habits, but I have always been fascinated by Japan and the Japanese people. I love the sense of refinement and good taste that you find there. It is so appealing and beautiful. Wow, is all I can say! Haha.